ACT Clean Technologies, Inc.

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ACT Clean Technologies, Inc.
Stock Symbol: ACLH

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ACT Clean Technologies Provides
Sand, Water and Hard Surface
Oil Spill Clean-Up
And Environmental Remediation Services

The Answer To Oil Spills

We offer clients a non-hazardous, green chemistry, oil clean-up
technology that creates an emulsion when interfacing with
production crude or refined oil.

This Cleantech service can remove crude oil from storage tanks,
ship surfaces, pavement, soil and beach sand.

The oil clean-up and removal chemistry has passed the EPA standard
fingerling fish kill test that is required when removing oil from
hard surfaces or from bodies of fresh or salt water.

Providing The Global Energy Industry With New, Cost Effective Technologies For Reactivating Old Wells To Enhance Oil Production,
Tar Sands Oil Extraction and Petroleum/Hazardous Waste Clean Up

Patented, proven and field tested technology provide a cost effective, environmentally safe (CleanTech) way to:

> Improve Oil Flow Rates To Make Older (and even abandoned) Wells
Economic Producers Again

> Separate, Extract and Recover Oil From Tar And Oils Sands Deposits

> Provide Oil Field and Heavy Construction Industry Clean Up
Remediation Services

> Help Reduce Americas Dependence On Foreign Oil

We have completed projects for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the United States including:

Conoco-Phillips, Exxon Mobil, Avon Petroleum, Valero Petroleum
British Petroleum and The US Navy Petroleum Reserve.

Management expects exceptional corporate, revenue, profit and ACLH share value growth as we make more customers aware of our exceptional new oil recovery technology.